About Sabrehaven

  • Sabrehaven Vanilla is a long-term Server while playing here you can be absolutely sure that your account and characters will never be reseted. Long live Sabrehaven Vanilla!
  • Server Save 10:00 CEST/CET.
  • Premium is always free for everyone!
  • Pay-To-Win! In donation shop there won't be any item ever which could not be available to obtain in game by the free player!
  • Sabrehaven Vanilla is Real Replica of Tibia 7.92. If you notice that something which is not working as same as in the 7.92 original Real Tibia please report it to us. This is a bug.
  • HACKED Cipsoft Resources. Sabrehaven Vanilla is using the original 7.72 map with its scripting, original Cipsoft based NPCs system, original items system and original monsters from 7.72 times. Also, many of the mechanics are reverse-engineered like conditions, monster combats, weapons and many many other things!
  • Spells don't have to be learn.
  • Captain NPCs responds to please bring me to [city] immediately.
  • All Quests from the 7.92 era are implemented as in the Real Tibia.
  • Party Experience Share if you are the leader of party just type !share in the text chat to enable or disable the experience share for your party. This feature does not exist in the 7.92 version however due a lot of requests from players we successfully integrated the party experience share exactly as is in the newest Tibia versions with the vocation bonus just like described in the wiki.
  • Bank Account System Do not forget that the house rent has to be paid via bank account balance money.
  • PK Limits 3 kills per day till the red skull or 5 kills per day till the banishment. There are no limits of kills per week or month. The red skull length is 7 days and the PK banishment length is 1 day. So, keep an eye on yours player killing counts. Type !kills in-game for more info.
  • Rashid & Djinns in order to trade with Djinns you have to complete the quest. However to trade with Rashid you do not need any quest to complete. The rashid can be found in its casual spawn places regarding the day of the week. The only difference is that on mondays instead of Svargrond it spawns to Thais DP.
  • Training Monks they can be found only in Thais city depot. You are allowed to train only 3 hours per day.
  • Gold converting to convert gold you have to wear the gold converting ring it has 100 charges to convert gold and can be bought at any jewelery NPC in any city.

Server rates

For players with vocation (In Mainland)
Minimum level Maximum level Multiplier
1 20 10x
21 40 7x
41 60 5x
61 80 3x
81 Unlimited 2x

For players without vocation (In Rookgaard)
Minimum level Maximum level Multiplier
1 8 10x
9 Unlimited 1x

Skill level rate Magic level rate Loot rate Gold drop rate Spawn rate
5x 2x 2x 1x 2x


You can find alls Quests available on Sabrehaven here

Server Map

Tibia See original server map picture here.