Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
09 October 2022 (12:23) New client released. Download to login to the game without bugs.
03 May 2020 (20:07) There was minor edit in original edited Cipsoft Tibia client. Please download new client from downloads page.
15 March 2020 (10:18) Server host was successfully migrated to the new location The Netherlands.
14 March 2020 (11:12) Happy 7.92 client update! Bonus exp boost from 11:00 CET till 16:00 CET!
01 March 2020 (17:44) Happy first spring day! Bonus exp boost from 17:00 CET till 19:00 CET!

The Serpentine Tower LIVE EVENT Finished!

03 July 2022 (21:26)

Protocol Upgrade 8.00

Welcome, its been a while I haven't developed OTS. However I am back and this is the major sabrehaven 8.0 update. New city svargrond is available through royal tibia boats and new client can be downloaded from downloads. More updates soon!
20 November 2020 (11:04)

Website Library Update

The last days I was building great in website library for monsters and items. Since Sabrehaven is using leaked 7.72 Cipsoft resources. Monster files, item files and etc I think there should be no surprise that every single monster and item would be available for everyone to take a sneaky peek in to. However since in Sabrehaven there are few custom things the biggest secret have been revealed. Did you know that Demons drop Sabrehaven Talons?! Yes! Browse the library of the Sabrehaven and enjoy the new great content incoming!
15 November 2020 (15:30)

Spawn Rate Increase

Greetings, everyone,
The next game balancing update is coming within the next server save. Let me introduce you the significant increase in the monsters spawning. From now on the monster spawning will be quite random the regular simple monster spawn will take random time from 60 seconds till the 120 seconds. Before it took around from 120 seconds till 240 seconds for simple monster to spawn. However keep in mind that every monster has its own spawn internal and of course hard monsters like demons will require even more to respawn.
10 November 2020 (19:29)

Guild Bank Account

Greetings, everyone,
Let me introduce you the new feature which I believe is a game-changing improvement in the guilds system. The bank account for guilds! From now on every Banker NPCs will let you to manage your guild account money. The functionality in the Sabrehaven is quite pretty much the same as in the Cipsoft Tibia however it has some differences. Let me introduce you:
  • Guild Balance - every single member in the guild can check the guild bank balance.
  • Guild Deposit - every single member in the guild can deposit from personal bank account in to the guild bank account.
  • Guild Withdraw - only guild leaders and vice-leaders in the guild can withdraw from guild bank account in to their personal bank account.
Soon there will come more updates which will greatly expand the guild features. Stay Tuned!

08 November 2020 (17:40)

Offline Training

Greetings, everyone,
Let me introduce for you the offline training system in the Sabrehaven. The goal of this system is to prevent the unnecessary AFK training in the monks with the bots or macros which I believe does not add the lovely game-play experience at all. The offline training statues can be found in every city in the casual well-known places. The single entree fee for offline training costs 1000 gold coins which you have to have in the bank account balance. Also, you can see your offline training time when you look on the statues. This will be the only way to check how much offline training time you have remaining.

07 November 2020 (13:36)

Druid Balance Update

Greetings, everyone,
last days I have been working on the druid balancing update. It is a known issue that druids does not have powerful enough spells to cast while hunting and hunt with runes only is quite expensive and does not train your magic level. As a result, I have introduced two custom spells which will benefit druid game-play experience. It is exevo pox hur which is an absolutely 100% same formula as an exevo mort hur the spell can be cast by druids only. The next spell is exori pox which has a same formula as exori vis however this spell can be cast by both druids and sorcerers.

06 November 2020 (14:52)

Custom Sabrehaven Client

Greetings everyone,
last days I have been working pretty much all the time on the new custom client which later is going to be the primary Sabrehaven client to connect to the server. The client today is pretty much in the beta stage. However all the minor functionality I have planned seems to be working and the client itself is ready for the open beta release. Currently, all the clients are available to connect to the server. However soon there will be restrictions about that and only the new custom Sabrehaven client will be used for connecting to the server. So please get used to the new client and report me all your feedback that you are experiencing! Also, do not forget that the helper custom application menu can be found in the application tray menu!

The new client can be downloaded from the downloads section and the VirusTotal report indicating that the client is safe to use too.

11 October 2020 (18:25)

King Tibianus: The Sabrehaven!

Greetings, everyone,

Its been a while since I haven't posted anything about the Sabrehaven. Almost whole half a year I was absolutely retired from the open tibia and the Sabrehaven server in general. However, I see the Sabrehaven have never been forgotten in some of yours hearts. It means very much for me that I still see here some new people and the most importantly some of our old folks are still here with the Sabrehaven logging in from time to time! :)

I wish to announce a very important server status update. I have renewed the server hosting subscription till the 2022-02-01 and so I do promise that Sabrehaven Vanilla server will never be reseted.

Thank you for staying with the Sabrehaven!

P.s. I do believe that I will come back from the retirement soon and will work on the Sabrehaven server again. I am having quite nice and important updates in my mind which could be realized. Also I believe that it would be nice to revive the Sabrehaven Sugar. Hmmm... I believe winter is coming huge!

30 April 2020 (16:47)

Improvements in Task System

Greetings, everyone,

I guess that it is no secret for anyone that the Sabrehaven is launching soon another a little higher exp server the Sweet Sugar. The task system in the sweet sugar and lovely vanilla were absolutely the same which is quite an incorrect because the rewards should be a little different than comparing with the low and high exp servers. Regarding of that I have changed the calculation of the experience reward completely and the amount of experience rewarded will be based on the specific formula. Everything what you need to know about the new experience reward and the new formula is placed in the hunting tasks page!

27 April 2020 (17:53)

Important Bug Fixes

Greetings, everyone,

Let me quickly announce several important bug fixes which have been applied immediately to the server:
  • Fixed issue with monsters quick attack "kite" while walking. Now monsters are more clever and such movements like shown in the video will no longer be trick to hunt a monsters:
  • Slightly increased the words count to get muted. No longer annoying mute while speaking with the NPCs fast.
  • Dropped support of the regex in the houses aleta sio list in order to prevent crash bug.
  • Reduced energy wave spell damage. It appears that I was using incorrect base damage value for the e-wave previously it was 250 and from now on it will be 150 as it were in the 7.72. The proof of the picture is from the reverse engineered binaries.

20 April 2020 (19:00)

Invite Friends Get Points

Greetings, everyone,

We wish to announce that we have developed very unique affiliate system which will help to benefit from yours invited friends donations! Invite your new friend to register with your provided affiliate link or tell for existing friend to apply your affiliate code in the settings page and claim 10% of his spent shop points automatically! Sharing is caring :)

16 April 2020 (20:07)

Meet The Rashid

Greetings, everyone,
please meet the new best trader in the Sabrehaven the Rashid.

Rashid is no doubt one of the most wanted missing NPC in the Sabrehaven world and here he will appear after the next server save. The Rashid is a traveler trader and can be found in different cities every day. The only difference is on Mondays instead of Svargrond he will spawn in the Thais depot because simply that city doesn't exist in the 7.92. Furthermore, the Rashid will not require any quest to complete and will be free to trade for everyone. Lastly, the loot which you can sell for him was made regarding an archived wiki page of 2007 which may be found here: Rashid - TibiaWiki. See you in-game and don't forget that Rashid on Friday will be in Darashia, in Miraia's tavern!

15 April 2020 (10:59)

Sabrehaven Starting New Server


I hope that it is not a surprise for anyone that Sabrehaven is launching a brand new server. The server will be called Sabrehaven Sugar. The new server will have a slightly increase in the experience rates and will be considered to be called a high exp server in comparison with the current Sabrehaven server. Also, the reorganization impact have been applied in the current Sabrehaven server as well. From now on, this server will be called the Sabrehaven Vanilla which will represent the first Sabrehaven server ideology the stable, low rate and the very first server which we have built together!

Moreover, from now on the website infrastructure have been divided in to different server websites separated in the sub domains:
  • from now on this website will be only a welcome page to choose which server website you are willing to land.
  • this is the current server website which belongs to the very first medium rate Sabrehaven server.
  • this is the new server website which belongs to the new high rate Sabrehaven server which is going to launch at 2020-05-01 20:00 CEST.
13 April 2020 (18:30)

Improvements in DOS Protection

Hello, everyone,

I wish to announce several improvements regarding the packets control per second rate from a same IP address. The current changes should allow to actively play (hunt & walk) for about 5 players from the same IP. This changes also impacts people who wish to login/reconnect very fast multiple times in the same time frame. If you are noticing an unexpected client disconnects or debugs from now on please report me ASAP!
The following improvement will prevent the server freezes lag from unwanted load:
  • Will prevent multiple fast re-logs which may cause server lags.
  • Will prevent DOS/Flood from the same person.
  • Will prevent from people who are using multiple MCs to bot.

11 April 2020 (13:41)

New Tasker NPCs

Greetings, everyone,
the start for the newcomers have never been more friendly than now!

I have added new category of the tasker NPCs. The tasks from those tasker NPCs can be completed only single time per character. From now on we will have 3 new tasks which can be completed only by specific vocation and the reward is oriented to be newcomers friendly! Take a look at the updated hunting tasks page!

10 April 2020 (12:58)


Greetings, folks,
The second entrance of the 7.9 content is coming in the Sabrehaven!

The pits of inferno quest based on the leaked 7.72 Cipsoft map parts. This is not a secret that the Sabrehaven map is already based on the 7.72 Cipsoft leaked resources and the pits are already under the POH however unaccessible. The great goal of that is to finish the pits of inferno quest on the existing map parts while revealing everything what Cipsoft have been developed in the past years and forgotten in the development stage. So this pits of inferno will reveal the secret paths, different maps and everything originally as was left in the 7.72 leaked map. I believe that this will be an amazing experience for everyone to re-explore the POI in its first origins.

09 April 2020 (21:04)

New OTC Available

Greetings, everyone,
The newest Open Tibia Client is already available in the Downloads page. If you are using the old one then download new now!

Since some of you already noticed quite several bugs occurred with the current downloadable OTC I have updated the client to the newest version available. I hope that this will solve out the majority of bugs that you were experiencing!

07 April 2020 (21:04)

New Tasker NPC

Greetings, everyone,
Let me introduce you the second best partner for low level hunters in Edron city the Daniel Steelsoul!

This tasker NPC will give you low creatures tasks in Edron City for level 6-49. Also, there were slight increments in the Grizzly Adams tasks reward so hunters get ready your weapons because the rewards now are even better! Stay tuned for more tasker NPCs and look for updated information in the hunting tasks page.

06 April 2020 (21:24)

Hunting Tasks System

Greetings, Sabrehaven People,
Probably the most wanted new feature is coming in the Sabrehaven! The tasks system which will be a similar copy of original Tibia however with some custom spices. Please meet your hunting companion Grizzly Adams which is located in the Port Hope!

Everything you need to know about hunting tasks can be found on its dedicated page about hunting tasks in the Sabrehaven website. Also stay tuned because there are coming really soon more tasker NPCs in different cities with different tasks!

01 April 2020 (21:37)

Bug Fixes

Greetings, everyone,
several important bug fixes has to be announced officially.

The issue number one: It appears that NPCs which sells amulets with charges were selling them with max amount of charges (65k). The issue was fixed due to kind people report and every amulet which had corrupted charges have been removed from players inventory/depot/houses.
The issue number two: Monster spawns which were implemented in the 7.8 & 7.9 protocol update had incorrect re-spawning rate (which was approx. 1 minute or less) this were an incorrect re-spawn time and now have been fixed to spawn time approx. 5 minutes or more.
Bonus fix: the Wyverns are immunited to drunkness now :) 

Sorry for inconveniences and thank you for staying in the Sabrehaven. Hope to see you in-game!

30 March 2020 (13:44)

Twitch Streamers

Sabrehaven is Twitch Friendly!
Do you like to stream your gameplay? Or maybe do you like to watch how the other plays? I hope we had atleast one Yes with you! :)

In Sabrehaven website I have created Twitch Streamers page where all the Sabrehaven players can integrate their Twitch account with the Sabrehaven account and showoff your content in the Streamers page. All you have to do is update you Sabrehaven account settings with your Twitch username and you will automatically appear in the available Twitch streamers list!

29 March 2020 (16:50)

Wyverns Everyone!

Greetings, everyone,
Do you remember your first Wyvern? I hope so! I personally remember my first Wyvern the same impressive as my first Dragon :) I accidentally found the new ramp near the POH in the Venore where there is a single spawn of him. I thought lets try to kill him and it seems that it was pretty much impossible for noob but the hopes was big. I ran to the depot and took like 20 health potions and was in plans to show him some nice spear hits. I killed him. However I wasted about 20 health potions and looted few coins and dragon ham. I thought oh you poor bird and what a waste I had...

The Wyverns are the first 7.90 monsters which will appear in the Sabrehaven after the Server Save today! I hope you all found this as a nice entrance in to the 7.90 map content updates which are planned to come now more often and often. The Wyverns can be found from now on such places:
  • Carlin Ghostlands
  • Kazordoon north of the dragon lair, Ferngrims gate, west of orc fortress, Paradox Tower entrance
  • Venore POH ground level, near the POH entrance at the ramp, Black Knight's Villa
  • Edron Wyvern Hill, north of the mountain pass, Stonehome, Dragon Lair ground level
  • Darashia Plague Spike
  • Ankrahmun Green Djinn Tower entrance
  • Port Hope in the deep Tiquanda, hill at Chor

25 March 2020 (19:26)

Rods & Wands Balance

Greetings, Sabrehaven people,

I wish to announce quite important update for Sorcerers and Druids. Believe it or not but in 7.72 the ranges for wands and rods were very imprecise if to compare with the standards that came with the 8.0 update. Regarding the many people request the range have adjusted as is in the current standards. Shortly, all wands & rods will have now range of 3 SQMs.

  • Snakebite rod range changed from 4 to 3 SQM
  • Moonlight rod range changed from 2 to 3 SQM
  • Quagmire rod range changed from 2 to 3 SQM
  • Tempest rod range changed from 1 to 3 SQM
  • Wand of plague range changed from 2 to 3 SQM
  • Wand of cosmic energy range changed from 1 to 3 SQM
  • Wand of inferno range changed from 2 to 3 SQM

19 March 2020 (21:40)

Serpentine Event Reward

Greetings, dear Sabrehaven people,

The Serpentine Tower live event is about to begin very soon. This is going to be the biggest event in the Sabrehaven World which will happen uniquely only once per the Sabrehaven World lifetime. Because the great things cannot be repeated twice... The Serpentine Tower event will be technically one of the most difficult solvable mysteriando which will not require level restriction based on the possible connections made from the original Tibia creators the CipSoft. The event will lead you to obtain several items, however the main reward can be obtained by the only ONE player which basically will mean that the item will originally be owned by single person forever.

You see boots of waterwalking.

Did you knew that Beholders are the most ancient race in the world?

No spoil given.

Furthermore, the event will not last forever and there is a chance that nobody will ever gonna solve the great mystery of the Serpentine Tower. I wish that this is not what gonna happen. So, please Sabrehaven People you must unite and work together in order to achieve the great event the great rewards.  I am leaving special hints for you to prepare for the event. This is a something that must be examined from the bottom of heart.

See you in the Sabrehaven tomorrow at 20:00 CET!
16 March 2020 (19:18)

Free Shop Points

Greetings, everyone,

Probably you all have noticed that huge countdown timer in the website. Well, the clock is ticking down and probably all of you can't wait to see what kind of the surprise is waiting for you all! The Serpentine Tower event is going to be huge and I wish to have that great time for the memory later. So, everyone who will be taking a video and upload it to Youtube with the tag will get the 100 free shop points for that character which is recording the video!
14 March 2020 (17:38)

Planned Maintenance

Dear all,

We are migrating our host to the new server in Europe because the majority of the all Sabrehaven people are playing from the Europe. So, we are planning to have a maintenance mode from 2020 March 15th 08:00 CET to 12:00 CET. The server and website between this time might be offline for some little time. However we hope to finish the migration with almost zero downtime. The new server will be located in the Netherlands.

Sorry for little inconveniences and I hope that the new server location will beneficial for everyone.
13 March 2020 (11:21)

The End of 7.80 Version

Dear Sabrehaven People,

Today is the last day of the Sabrehaven 7.80. The Sabrehaven started the open beta in the 10 January 2020. And so it have been with us 64 days.
Take your last chance and enjoy the last day of the Sabrehaven 7.80 because it might never come again in this world. Oh, the great Nostalgia! However, do not worry too much because the 14 March 2020 10:00 AM CET is the new day in the Sabrehaven World.

The Picture of Nostalgia
08 March 2020 (10:43)

7.92 Client Version Upgrade

Greetings, Dear Adventurers,
Let me rollback you to the childhood- 2006 Christmas. The new Sabrehaven content is awaiting for you!

The long waited 7.92 client version upgrade and new updates are finally coming in the Sabrehaven World! The minimum client protocol upgrade will be applied after the 14 March 2020 server save (10:00 AM CET). Folks, get ready and grab your popcorn because you must see the new 7.92 changes first!

Furthermore, this update is not a complete 7.92 content roll-out. While there are still some content to do to be developed. While so, let me share with you this current major update finish status and current milestones.
  • 7.92 Client version support - 100% done.
  • Configuration of new 7.92 items (448 unique new items and objects) - 100% done.
  • Quests that contains quest log support - 80% done.
  • Configuration of new 7.92 monsters - 0% done.
  • New 7.92 map updates - 0% done.
Finally, let me share with you guys the moments of the new 7.92 Sabrehaven development moments!

The modifications in outfit window

In the 7.9 version the writeable documents now contain the date they had been written.

Almost every major quest has their quest log completely working.

My little wish...

FYI: The Big Ben is PRO at making the Infernal Bolts. The new the most valuable item for paladins.

Lastly, I wish to share that the new 7.92 client is already available in the so feel free to download it any time!
And do not forget to save the date! 14 March 2020 10:00 AM CET.
23 February 2020 (15:27)

Sabrehaven Server Rules

Greetings, Sabrehaven Players,
The Sabrehaven server is already running for a longer than a month with you and so we haven't had any official "Proud to be Sabrehaven player" rules. We have finally introduced the rules which can be found at our website: here. Please read them all carefully and keep in mind that "Justice will prevail".

21 February 2020 (14:35)

02-22 Double Exp Event

Greetings, Adventurers,
Did you knew that Sabrehaven have been officially launched already for month? It is really amazing how much We together did to achieve a stable, bug-free and the most importantly the fun server to stay! I am very glad that the Sabrehaven is already growing little by little its player base and the newcomers decides to stay here and play with us!

If you are looking for a great server where yours impact really matters on server evolving and growing then this is the best time to try it out it! We are introducing the double EXP event! The double exp will start on 2020-02-22 (Saturday) 18:00 CET till 2020-02-22 (Saturday) 23:59 CET.

See in you in Sabrehaven. The best time to start your journey is now!


19 February 2020 (17:00)

More Starting Items & BugFixes


Due majority of Sabrehaven people request we have implemented more starting items for newcomers who are leaving the Rookgaard to MainLand!
  • Knights will get randomly one of the following weapons: katana, mace, hatchet.
  • Paladins will get 5 spears.
  • Druids will get one snakebite rod.
  • Sorcerers will get one wand of vortex.

Furthermore, fixed issues with Chameleon and Convince runes. And introduced that spears and other distance weapons won't drop on ground when thrown!

10 February 2020 (20:39)

Few Updates in Mechanics

Little by little Sabrehaven mechanics are becoming better and even more accurate as in the original Tibia. Last week I was working pretty hard on the few spells formula fix because several people reported that few spells ain't working as correctly as in the original Cipsoft 7.72 Tibia. So, I re-investigated in to the reverse engineered formulas and found out that there are actually a few discrepancies. And so I once again re-compared all the spells formulas and found out that Energy Wave instant spell and Fireball rune weren't performing a correct damage.
  • Energy Wave spell damage was increased as supposed to be in the 7.72.
  • Fireball rune damage was increased as supposed to be in the 7.72.

Furthermore, when the player is walking through monsters in the invisibility outfit the monsters walk was incorrect. In the left side there is an incorrect monster walking pattern and in the right there is shown a correct monster walking pattern with the little delay and giving a feel like they are looking for something.

Stay tuned for more updates coming and keep in mind that reporting variety of bugs may be very rewarding with in-game goods.
P.S. The best way to report bugs is in our Discord channel.
02 February 2020 (13:35)

Server Longevity and Strategy

Greetings, adventurer,
Good to see you! ...

Undoubtedly, Sabrehaven server is having a real difficulties on attracting new people. Probably it is due majority of people ain't used to 7.8 version, majority of people are questioning how long will the server last and is it even worth to try it out, what is the Sabrehaven strategy and how it will evolve in time?

Long Live The Sabrehaven! Last night we have migrated our dedicated server to the new one less expensive host which will fit perfectly according our current needs. The server is located now in United States Of America, Greenville. And the most important thing is that we have purchased 1 year subscription to our host which will be dedicated to the Sabrehaven hosting only. All in all, I can proudly say that Sabrehaven will long live a year at least without any doubts, however I do hope it will live even more. Also, for players from Europe I hope that majority of you will not have any issues with latency and at least I can tell you that from Lithuania the ping is absolutely fine to play.

Sabrehaven Vision! The Sabrehaven is not only about 7.8! As you all know, Sabrehaven is based on the original leaked Cipsoft resources which was hacked back in the early Tibia 7.72. While the majority of the Open Tibia developers when using original resources are working on the server downgrading to 7.6, 7.4 or even less. The Sabrehaven here is different. We will try to go versions UP!

Sabrehaven Strategy! We are already on development stage of the 7.9 protocol server! Our strategy is to introduce 7.9 protocol features by a little steps as a small MVPs to production. Firstly, we will release a plain protocol upgrade to the 7.9 version then will be working on map updates, monsters, quests and etc. till everything is done and we can go to the next 8.0 protocol development. The future goal once the 7.9 server upgrade is completely done we will launch brand new dedicated server on Europe while the current server on USA neither will be closed neither players will be reseted.

Don't hesitate and come in to try out the Sabrehaven. Long live the Sabrehaven.
26 January 2020 (15:40)

Starting Items and New Rates

Greetings, Adventurers,
The Sabrehaven have just started but within those several days of start we already have some content changes for you!
  • Loot and Spawn rate have been increased twice!
  • Due quite many of player killing occurrences. The Limits for PK will remain absolutely the same as in the Real Tibia.
  • First items now can be achieved together within the skipping Rookgaard sacrifice while clicking on the Screaming Spellbook.
Also, see Server Info page for more info. See you in-game!

23 January 2020 (13:21)


Greetings, Dear Adventurers,
Sabrehaven server is about to start at 2020-01-24 20:00 CET where the new world is awaiting for you! ...

We wish to say huge thank you for all the open beta participants who came in to watch around what the Sabrehaven is all about. It is unbelievable how many bug fixes & amazing new features we have implemented together during the open beta weeks. Furthermore, because of the successful open beta close we will award every open beta participant who spent at least 1 hour (and character is created before 2020-01-23) in our humble open beta with 25 shop points! Besides of that, several open beta participants who supported the server the most by reporting the bug fixes will be rewarded additionally based on their input to the server. Lastly, keep in mind that all the stats and items which were achieved by the open beta participants will be restarted once the open beta closes while only the clean character with its name will be left.

Please take a look in our Server Information page to see the new server rates which will be applied after the Sabrehaven start. And stay tuned because the start is going to be huge!

06 January 2020 (22:41)


Greetings, Adventurer,
Take a while and listen. ... We are calling You for the great mission and we promise You unforgettable Open Tibia experience. ...
Sabrehaven. ... The most precise reverse-engineering Real Tibia 7.8 OT server. ...

Thank you for visiting the Sabrehaven. We are happy to announce that after long months of developing the Sabrehaven World we are calling adventurers for an Open Beta participation. The Open Beta begins at 2020-01-10 18:00 CET and will last till 2020-01-24 18:00 CET. Immediately after the Open Beta finish the Official Sabrehaven Start will begin at 2020-01-24 20:00 CET and will last till eternity.

About Sabrehaven BETA:
It is no doubt that participating in to the beta has to be fun and worth! :) The experience stages will be exploring and PKing friendly and the beta players will never be out of gold in the stash. Also, the most active players in bug reporting will be greatly rewarded later in the final production release!

P.s. Be prepared for the variety of different BETA events.

Experience rates in BETA ONLY:
For players with vocation:
Level 6 - 200: 100x
Level 201+: 2x

For players without vocation:
Level 1 - 8: 10x
Level 9+: 1x

Skill level Rate: 25x
Magic level Rate: 15x
Loot Rate: custom
Frags till red skull: NO RED SKULL!

Adventures in the Sabrehaven are awaiting!