Guild: Oblivion Order

A group of players that is just looking for the RPG and ejoyment of the game. The goal is to build a nice community to hunt, explore, solve quests and help eachother. If you are looking for the same PM us. No levels required just be mature.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the NecromancerEscape The Fate81Master Sorcerer Offline
the MasterpieceCynthia Silverspear119Royal Paladin Offline
Sexy Arrow43Royal Paladin Offline
the PhilosopherAltairis101Master Sorcerer Offline
Excalibug (Leg day skipper)102Master Sorcerer Offline
Green Bastard44Royal Paladin Offline
Kai Dowin42Master Sorcerer Offline
Moker27Master Sorcerer Offline
Moonshine37Elder Druid Offline
Nefertiti38Master Sorcerer Offline
Noxey72Master Sorcerer Offline
Rasil74Elite Knight Offline
Smoko11Paladin Offline
Starboy15Knight Offline
Yary69Elder Druid Offline
Zentz35Master Sorcerer Offline