Did you know that Pirates are the real marauders and they will always re-target the weakest near by enemy immediately?
Legion helmet is one thing. But Norma how will I found that many chickens!
Druid Outfits Quest on Rook & Citizen Outfits Quest on Rook will prolong an interesting rookslayer life in Rookgard!
When the Ferumbras will be nearby remember that the first time path to Kharos will be challenging so always have your permission attuned with the Edron Academy before it is too late.
It looks like wearing my Boots of Haste I cannot enter here and there...
Sometimes it goes hot to deal with the Barbarians.
And again. Blooming Griffinclaw Y U NO BLOOM?! Well, Griffinclaw blooms only once per month so keep sure to not miss the bloom day.
Sorry, but you drew a blank is the sentence of the day today.
The beautiful nostalgia of the wands & rods.
Would you dare to fight the greatest sorcerer of all times for a proof of hat?
15 installments or all at once? It might be heavy to bring such amount of gold right?
You better prepare for desert outfit when walking in a the desert hot Darashia.
Sometimes waiting for 2 hours takes way longer than two hours. Specially when you are waiting for yours Demodras' Claw on your shoulder.
According the outfit guru Kalvin: "Are you feeling evil today? This outfit is fitting for mages pursuing the dark side of sorcery. ..."
Did you know that in Tibia there are many NPCs which are the followers of Zathroth? Sometimes even the one's that you expect the least.
It is tough life if you want to become an Assassin.
The Simon is waiting for the staff return. I just guess what he was doing down there in the Edron Ruins...
Did you knew that once you finishes the great Deeper Banuta quest your shamanic powers enhances greatly!
The Incredible is simple. Hunt or be hunted.
The transportation in Sabrehaven is an easy peasy and costs no delays.
I wonder if someone will find out the purpose of the Mystic Flames in Edron Academy Towers.