FAQ Overview

Yes! As we all know that the hero vocation of Tibia 7.x era was a Sorcerer the vocation rebalance with in mind of 7.x era experience is a must to be implemented to keep the gameplay more friendly for everyone.

Sorcerers Balance
The Sorcerers were the best vocation of all in the 7.x. That is why the Sorcerers have absolutely no changes and is originally left as were in the 7.x. However it has a single new spell to cast which is available for druids as well. It is the exori pox which is a similar spell as exori vis.

Druids Balance
The Druids were the most poor mage in the 7.x era. It has extremely low heal friend spell and almost no attack spells to cast. To make the vocation more balanced we have introduced such changes for the Druid vocation:
1. Players healing spells were increased drastically.
2. The Druid has new spell exori pox which is the same formula as exori vis just the main difference is that it deals poison damage.
3. The Druid has new spell exevo pox hur which is the same formula as exevo mort hur just the main difference is that it deals poison damage.

Paladin & Knight Balance
The physical damage dealing vocation in the 7.x era had the very poor formulas. Since in Sabrehaven we are using the original leaked Cipsoft Tibia of 7.72 files formulas we have kept the same ideology of the formulas however with a little increment spice.
The Paladins has +15% physical damage boost based on the leaked Tibia files formulas. And the Knights has +20% physical damage boost based on the leaked tibia files formulas.

Keep in mind that in Sabrehaven we have very cool in-game physical damage calculator which explains very much about the damage and helps you to set your goals.
Type in game: !physicaldamage to check it out for your current stats. Or use the command with the given parameters to see the damage deal for specific monster, with specific skills and weapon.
Type in game: !physicaldamage troll, 100, Knight, magic sword
Lastly the important balance change for paladins is that the power bolts can be bought from every distance weapons NPCs.

Yes! As long as you use the IPChanger to change the IP address to the Sabrehaven server. But not for long.

Currently we are developing our own custom tibia client with the anti-bot protection and many great features! However the client today is in the open-beta stage. This means that you can login to the server with our custom client and with any other 7.92 Tibia client till we finally finish every feature and bug. Once the Sabrehaven custom tibia client is finished we will block all the connections from the other clients and the only one possible way to connect to the game server will be through the Sabrehaven custom client.

Many features! The custom client is developed on the original Tibia 7.92 client but with the extended features!

1. The client has auto-download feature. So in case of client update you won't have to re-download the client manually.
2. The client has anti-bot protection. Once the client will be mandatory for everyone to play the botting will be the very hard thing.
3. The client has built-in menu with all the features explained like WASD walking, recording and etc where you can find every feature in the application tray menu.

Yes! Actually you can buy runes from the NPCs from the Tibia 7.5 update!

Also the nice thing about buying runes or fluids in the multiple amounts is that you can buy it in the backpacks. Just write for the seller NPCs that you want to buy in backpacks like: buy 2 bp/backpacks sudden death rune
Keep in mind that you will be charged +20gp for each backpack.

It is easy but you have to know where to search! The Sabrehaven is using the leaked reverse-engineered Cipsoft Tibia files that is why it is different than you are used to in any other OTS.

A lot of people are confused about how to get Scarab Coins because on other servers you just dig with shovel on any sand and you have a chance of digging a Scarab Coin but here it works like it did on RL Tibia so they only spawn in specific locations, one of our Sabrehaven players have made a short clip showing spawn places around Ankrahmun. Each of those "dark" squares is a spawn location for a Scarab Coin or a Scarab. There is a 5% chance to dig up a Scarab Coin, 95% chance to dig up a Scarab (Nothing if someone recently dug up that square, the spawn time is 66,6 minutes).

We are not the profit only looking server.

In our humble opinion we believe that people which are using mobile donations or any other no identification required donation options are usually a child which later after some months regrets the money spent. We as a Sabrehaven staff are not intended to offer donations for an actual benefit in game. We believe that the donation term should be explained as a gift for the Sabrehaven Server without benefits in return. That is why we accept donations only from legal and strongly identified methods.

The offline training works very similarly as in the 9.6 Tibia. But there are some differences. Like it gives way less skill than training online.

The primary reason why the offline training was chosen to be implemented in the Sabrehaven server is because we understand that today Open Tibia players are not willing to spend their half a day watching the training monks. As a result, the majority is looking for the bots/taskers/macros and different tools to make the job easier and usually those tools comes with viruses which are infecting people computers or even the worse later the account gets hacked.

In general, the offline training works the same like were introduced in the 9.6 Tibia but the biggest difference is that it gives you two times less skill than in original Tibia also instead of 12 hours offline training time you will have only 6 hours maximum capacity for offline training and to use the offline training statue you are required to have 1000 gold in your bank balance which will be taken as an entree fee and it does not matter how long you were training. However, if you have used the offline training statue and were offline no longer than 10 minutes and the offline-training didin't trigger yet the money will be returned to your bank account instantly.

Club/Sword/Axe: training speed 25%. In total 75% slower than training in-game.
Shielding: training speed 12.5% (50% of 1 mob attack / 2). In total 75% slower than training in-game.
Distance Fighting: training speed 12.5% (12.5% hit and 12.5% miss which is the same as 25%). In total 75% slower than training in-game.
Magic Level: training speed 25% (Used mana of regain while normally eating. The regen rate based on the vocation promotion). In total 75% slower than training in-game.

Yes! But you are required to wear the gold converting ring.

The idea of that is the simple-stupid converting with a click does not really fits for the real map server and does not add any RPG feeling. That is why we have introduced the magical ring which by wearing it will let you to convert the gold similar as based on the alchemistry stories. Also, it will require you to lose your free ring slot for the benefit of converting which also makes a lot of sense in the RPG oriented game-play.
Furthermore the gold converting ring has 100 charges to convert gold and can be bought at any jewelery NPC in any city.

The primary way to contact to the server owners is via Discord.

In the Sabrehaven Discord Server there are several channels related to the bug-reports and general things which you would like to discuss. Ussually server owners are difficult to find online in-game because we use Ghost functionality to not display our availability. Furthermore, in Discord we are very active, almost all the time we are active through our mobile devices in order to react quickly in case of important situation.