09 October 2022 (12:23)
New client released. Download to login to the game without bugs.
03 May 2020 (20:07)
There was minor edit in original edited Cipsoft Tibia client. Please download new client from downloads page.
15 March 2020 (10:18)
Server host was successfully migrated to the new location The Netherlands.
14 March 2020 (11:12)
Happy 7.92 client update! Bonus exp boost from 11:00 CET till 16:00 CET!
01 March 2020 (17:44)
Happy first spring day! Bonus exp boost from 17:00 CET till 19:00 CET!
23 January 2020 (21:15)
Open beta will be closed and character full reset will be at 24 January 2020 10:00 CET.
20 January 2020 (18:52)
Last week updates: Introduce humble donation shop. Introduce Sabrehaven talon. Fix rune charges count when using hotkeys. Fix missile rune shooting on invissible monsters. Introduce party experience share with command !share. Download minimap for client.
14 January 2020 (11:56)
Last week updates: Fixed Citizenship of Liberty Bay. Fixed description of spell runes. Fixed issues with vials counting when using through hotkey system. Fixed issues with runes stacking when buying more than you can carry.
10 January 2020 (19:12)
Sabrehaven is announcing that the beta is officially OPEN!
06 January 2020 (22:41)
Open Beta will start very very soon. Stay tuned!